Guest Forrest Yoga Teacher: Nicole Rose

Are you willing to settle for a life that is less than extraordinary? I certainly hope not.
In the last couple weeks, I have started to think about what it is that prevents us all from pursuing a life that is true and unforgettable. There are many answers of course, but the main one that kept showing up is FEAR.
Ask yourself, what are you afraid of? So many of our fears are deeply rooted in our subconscious and we may not even be aware of them. If you dig deep, you might be surprised with what you will find.

Fears impact every single decision we make. They govern our thoughts, and limit us in our ability to really think big. Examples: Are you afraid and concerned about what others think of you? Are you afraid to fail, and therefore sometimes you might not even try? Are you afraid to be vulnerable and love so deeply, afraid that you are setting yourself up for hurt and pain? I will stop there, or this piece can easily turn into a novel.

Before moving back to London about 1.5 years ago, I was living in NYC. My life was very different back then. I was an investment banker, with a promotion to VP in sight. I was miserable. Of course there were moments of joy with my husband and friends, but generally I felt lost. I decided I needed to do something about all of this and made an appointment with a therapist that was recommended to me. Growing up, therapy was never really spoken about and was very uncommon in my family and circle of friends. I always thought that therapy was for people with “real” problems. This was big for me and was a testament to how desperate I was to change. Full disclosure: I truly believe that those few months of weekly therapy sessions (coupled with my yoga practice of course) changed my life.

Before I go off subject, let me explain how this all fits into this short piece about our fears and how they limit us from living truly fulfilling lives.

A couple weeks into my therapy sessions, my therapist asked me: “Imagine that anything is possible, where do you see yourself in a few years? What would your life look like?”

For the first time in my life, I did not think about the practical, I stopped analysing and dreamt big. My answer came easily. Here is what I pictured for MY life: A family of my own, close friends, a house and a yoga studio. I realised that I wanted to fill my life with love, people, my passion for yoga, and the challenge of creating a business that brings all these beautiful things together.

Will all of this still be my dream in a few years? Maybe yes, maybe no. Dreams and our life’s purpose just like everything else evolve, if we allow them too. 

Don’t let your fears and limiting beliefs about yourself hold you back from living a glorious existence. 

Author: Nicole Rose

image1Nicole started practising yoga 8 years ago when she moved from London to Singapore. With a background in martial arts, she was initially drawn to the physical aspect of the practice however she very quickly started noticing its mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. The studio became her safe haven away from the stressful and demanding world of investment banking. Yoga has helped her cultivate awareness, perspective and a sense of calm which she endeavours to carry with her at all times away from the mat. Nicole believes that when you start to become an observer of your behaviours, anything is possible. She completed her 200hr Vinyasa teacher training at PURE Yoga in New York City, the Forrest Yoga Advanced teacher training in Peterborough U.K., and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Level 1, Level 2 and Art of Assisting trainings in the U.S.
Before Yoga: 8+ years in Investment Banking Industry

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